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Friday, September 23, 2022

Review: Walz Technical Cycling Cap

 Cycling caps are under-rated for cycling. Most people don't know the difference between a cycling cap and a baseball cap, because they look so similar. Cycling caps are made of much lighter material, and the bill is specifically designed to be used in two positions: flipped up, so you can get a better view, and flipped down, so that rain doesn't get into your eyes or glasses, or to shade your eyes. On long climbs in Europe, I don't wear a helmet, I wear a cycling cap. The cap wicks sweat out into the bill, and on a hot climb when you're sweating heavily, the sweat drips off the brim of the cap instead of running into your eyes.

There are people who wear cycling caps under their helmets, but I never did so... until I found the Walz technical cycling cap. Unlike the traditional cycling cap which is typically cotton, these are made out of the same technical material that makes up cycling jerseys. This means that they dry even faster than the traditional cycling cap, and are lighter as well.  They also fit better than the cotton ones, because the elastic doesn't need to be as strong because compensating for technical fabric is easier than compensating for the stretch cotton eventually gets with time. They wash easily, and because the material is lighter, fits well enough under a helmet that for the first time, I did a tour without carrying sweatbands, relying on my cap to wick sweat away.

They're comfortable, lightweight, and keep the rain out as well. Their only drawback is that they're costly. But I bought two.  Highly recommended.

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