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Friday, September 16, 2022

Review: Lowepro GearUp Mini and Lowepro GearUp Wrap

 We had a GoPro, 3 phones, 1 kindle, 1 headlight, 1 radar, 1 HRM, 2 bike computers to charge during the trip, and for additional backup power also brought along a 3000mAh battery. Along with the Epicka charger, and a backup adapter (which we lost near the end of the trip), that's a lot of cables and adapters to keep organized and store during the trip.

Just before the trip, BestBuy had a sale on both the LowePro GearUp Mini pouch and the GearUp Wrap. I bought both figuring that I would return one of them, but ended up bringing both on the trip so we could split up the chargers and adapters between the bikes for additional redundancy.

The weight as described for both items is accurate, and to my surprise the Wrap is actually the better organizer of the two, despite the Pouch being bigger. That's because the wrap has a zippered compartment while the pouch doesn't. Sure, when you pack the wrap with everything you need you'll end up with it bulging, and to be honest you couldn't really stuff a Google 18W charger into the wrap without it looking ridiculous, but when the wrap is in the pannier anyway you don't really care, just that when you pull it out everything that's supposed to be in it is still securely there as opposed to being spilled out all over the place.

The Pouch is great for carrying a 18W charger, a couple of cables and the spare battery. The transparent window lets you know what's in it.

All in all, we used both during the trip and they were both useful without adding weight. I foresee myself using them on future trips. Recommended.

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