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Monday, May 08, 2023

Review: The Outskirter's Secret

 After reading The Steerswoman, I immediately bought The Outskirter's Secret to continue the story. The story proceeds slowly, with slow reveals necessitated by the pace of introducing the reader from the faux-medieval society of the first book to the second book's setting, which is the outskirts or the uncivilized parts of the world.

What I really appreciate is how logical the protagonist-scientist is, and how good she is at inferring theories from the provided facts. As a heroine, she's kinda improbable, since scholars were rarely master swordspersons, but the plot necessitated in one particular juncture that not only can she understand how somebody's swordfighting style was evolved, but to be able to also duplicate it to demonstrate and prove the theory to herself. I suspended my belief for that one and just accepted it.

When the final reveal happens I was just as surprised as if I'd never read the book before, even though I must have done so in the past. Nevertheless, it's a great reveal, and I was impressed by how everything came together --- the ecology, the clues, and the pace of the reveals. Needless to say, I'e bought the 3rd book in the series and will keep reading!

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