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Thursday, May 11, 2023

Review: The Lost Steersman

 The Lost Steersman is the 3rd book in Rosemary Kirstein's fantasy series in a medieval world that's really a far future science fiction novel. This third book detours from the previous two in that it's not just an uncovering of the nature of the world the series is set in, but ventures into a first contact novel as well! The setup is well done, especially since it was set up in the first couple of books, and we get the interesting effect of what seems to be monsters (possibly controlled by the wizards in the world) turning out to  be an alien, sentient life form.

Once again, the protagonist seems too good to be true --- she's calm, curious, and able to think things true. But I'm quite forgiving of that --- in the old days of science fiction, the men in the novels were also too good to be true and I see nothing wrong with an author making a woman protagonist that way as well. I enjoyed this book and will be picking up the last novel in the series.

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