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Thursday, May 04, 2023

Review: The Phantom Tollbooth

 I got bored with reading The Sword in the Stone to Boen, so midway through I checked out The Phantom Tollbooth from the library and started reading it to him instead. I probably never actually read it as a kid, as my memories of it was watching a video in school.

The book is silly fun, full of wordplay and non-sequiturs. The plot, the logic of it is like a dream --- all the scenes are connected by the flimsiest of excuses or narratives, and one just leads to another. The protagonist never actually makes decisions or does anything, events  just happen to him one at a time. Having said that, the language is great, and the wordplay is fun. Boen seemed to enjoy it, though I will admit he too fell asleep to this one more than once.

Hey, when you pick books to read to kids at night, one thing that the book has to be is not boring for the adult reading it to the kid. For me, that means it has to be something that I like a lot or something that I've never read before. This one's decent.

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