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Monday, May 01, 2023

Review: The Sword in the Stone

 I thought I'd read The Sword in the Stone before as a kid, so when Boen wanted bed time reading I started reading it to him.  It turns out I must have read an abridged version, because the book was nothing like what I remembered. Yes, there were a lot of amusing anachronisms, and lots of places where Wart got turned into animals. But all of these were actually kinda boring. As bed time reading is concerned, boring is not bad --- the book literally put Boen to sleep multiple times!

But there's no sense of continuity (I'd forgotten that TH White put King Arthur together with Robin Hood and his merry men), and the finale is kinda anti-climatic. You never get the sense that after all of Merlyn's lessons, Wart had become ready to be King.

Some books are best not re-read as adults, I guess.

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