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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Amazon Kindle back in stock

I guess Amazon's fixed their production problems, because they've taken care of a whole month worth of backlog, and now can ship new orders immediately. My "long term" report is that it's a great product, given the teething issues, and I've done way more reading than I would have without the Kindle. It's now the one thing I will carry in my backpack or my saddlebag whenever I go out --- much more so than my ipod. Both my brothers now have one as well, sharing an account, so whenever one brother buys a book, all the others get it as well. I don't usually like being an early adopter for a product (I wasn't an ipod early adopter, and I still don't have HDTV, or surround sound, etc), but this is definitely one that I'm a fan of.

Judging by the responses to this thread, most of the early buyers are older (35 and above), which explains why even though the fashionistas and the techno-literate have disdained it, it still was sold out for 3 or 4 months after launch. I doubt if it'll be as popular as the ipod, but perhaps as prices come down, it will be more and more widely seen.

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