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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Council Wars

So along with the Kindle comes the ability to read all the ebooks at the Bean Free Library (linked in the title). Just simply download the prc/MobiBook format, and boom, you're good to go.

So one of the series that I started out, courtesy of my brother who preloaded the Kindle I got with a bunch of books is the Council Wars...The Council Wars consists of 4 books starting with There will Be Dragons.

The premise is fairly decent, in the far future, there's this utopia where no one is wanting of anything and everyone can get what they want, within reason. Most diseases are cured, and everyone can turn into anything they want (fish, mermaids, though some races are restricted, like elves or dragons).

Then there's a difference of opinion at the top level of the folks who control the all encompassing, all powerful computer called Mother, and all of a sudden the world is plunged into the middle ages.

Its a bit of a weird setup, and even more of a weird "fall" seems more of an excuse for the author to write modern military fiction with a medieval slant. The protagonists for example know all about the wars of the past, and leverage that to their best advantage, they use modern military training techniques and modern military tactics but are forced to use medieval technology.

Overall the story reads quite well, and if you're interested in military matters at all, its quite a treat, but you'll have to ignore quite a bit of problems with the premise.

Primarily, my biggest beef is how 13 people can decide the fate of the rest of the world in this utopia...and that it hasn't happened for a few hundred years prior. Given that it only took 6 people to plunge the world into the dark ages, it seems rather silly that it hasn't happened before, or that the original programmers of Mother would do something silly like this. =)

So read the books and series for what it is, which is modern military tactics with a medieval slant. The later series just gets into the various aerial and naval warfare and the author uses his imagination to imagine stuff like Dragon Carriers (instead of aircraft carriers), and there's even some amount of space combat in the last book.

The other somewhat annoying thing is how the author loves to take swipes at liberals and the left wing side of the country. Given the author's military history, it perhaps might not be surprising, but its still somewhat annoying. The series also suffers from the invincible heroes, there's never a doubt who's going to survive at the end of the book, and that the enemies will commit some sort of idiotic a way, its like reading a Tom Clancy novel.

I give this some slight recommendations as its entertaining, but you really have to turn your brain off. Its the literary equivalent of pop music. =)

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Unknown said...

I read the first and second book of this series in German. The first wasn't great but I like the premise so I bought the next one. In the second book John Ringo sounds like a right-wing, NRA supporter most of the time, which was the main reason I didn't even finish the book.