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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Berkeley Hills Ride


Today was a beautiful day for a reprise of the Berkeley Hills ride. Kekoa, Roberto, and Ryan PC Gibson joined me at the starting point where the Western Wheelers were, but we opted to go our own special route. The weather was cool, but with fantastic views of the Bay, where San Francisco was foggy. Looking to hurt ourselves, we went up El Toyonal and Loma Cantadas from Wildcat Canyon road for a bit of a gratituous climb. Unfortunately, Kekoa developed a cramp up the first Bear, and had to bail via the Happy Valley route back to BART.

The rest of us tooled along on Reliez Valley road and the bike path into Moraga, and then rode up Pinehurts in the afternoon, where I ran into Greg Merritt. Greg and I had a nice chat, and he rode with us the rest of the way and showed me a new path to the BART station. At 62 miles and 6660' of climbing, it was not bad for what will likely be my last long ride in the Bay Area for a while.
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