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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Australia - Part 9 - Kayaking, Daintrees, and a Nice Dinner.

Today was an early get-up at 7am. My Kayak trip was booked at 7:40am. I cleared out the bedsheets, packed my stuff, and went and stood to get ready for my Kayak trip. Only one other person was coming that I knew of, and promptly at 7:40 the trip set off.

We had a couple to pick up from the Beach house a few miles up from the PK Jungle Resort, and after we had picked them up, we were off.

The group consisted of the Guide, Marco, a swiss youth, a British couple whose name i can no longer remember, and myself. We parked not too far from the Beach house and started making our way into the rain forest. Picking up our gear, paddle, life vest, and a dry bag, we then set off to the beach where the kayaks were.

The kayaks were a simple affair. Sit-on-tops that were practical in the very calm, very flat water in the Daintree area (the Great Barrier Reef protected most of the beaches starting from Cairns onwards to Cape Tribulation from swells, hence the very very flat waves hitting the beaches), a sturdy paddle, and a life vest that i didn't bother wearing. Dragging out the kayaks onto the water, and off we went.

I've previously kayaked lots of times before, but I have to say this is easily one of the easiest kayaking trips I've ever had. The water was flat and the wind was non-existent. We started at the north end of Cape Tribulation, and paddled south Cape Tribulation and through to the next beach. We then made a pit stop at the beach and did a nice beach walk. Along the way, our Guide showed us the wildlife on the beach, the surrounding coconut trees, and entertained us with anecdotes of stories he's heard or seen.

We then paddled back to the original beach and had ourselves some coconut. The guide instructed us in the correct method of dehusking and opening a coconut...the flesh was firm and tasty, but not quite the way I'm used to. I'm more used to the meat being a little bit less firm and crunchy, and the Guide told me that that meant the coconut was overripe and a little bit old.

We then got dropped off to our respective hostels where I took a quick shower and met up with my coworkers & friends. It was then off to back to Cairns! On the way back, we stopped for fresh made ice cream. It was simply delicious and little did I know it was the start of our four ice cream day. =)

My Coworkers & friends dropped me off at my hostel and we went off to their hostel. We wanted to have dinner, but first we had to return the car and they had to check into their hostel. I also stopped at my dive shop to get fitted for the wet suit. =)

Dinner was a rather spectacular affair, we had berrimundi, and a seafood platter that consisted of crab, craw fish, fish, prawns, fries, and calamari. We made short work of the platter and was out of the restaurant by 7pm. We then went off for more ice cream and some shopping of souvenirs. The night market was quite good for souvenir shopping because everything was about 50% off what I saw in Sydney!

At the end of the day, I went back to my hostel, put my stuff in the Laundry, and got ready for the start of my Dive trip. 6:15am pickup meant yet another early start to my day.

I should expect it by now, but I realize that on my holidays, I always wake up the hell earlier than on my work days. =)

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