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Saturday, April 19, 2008


I landed in Munich in the middle of a lightning storm, 2 hours late due to Lufthansa having mechanicals earlier in the day. Fortunately, all my luggage arrived, and my bike was intact, though the Bagman support had come loose, no doubt from the rough handling that rendered the bike box pretty much dead. I was hoping to salvage that box for use on the return trip, but it looked like that was not to be.

My Taxi Service guy was waiting for me with a "Mrs Piaw Na" sign. I was still male, but fortunately, he believed me when I identified myself, and proceeded to help me and my cart over to his Taxi. The rain started coming down as we loaded my bike and luggage into his station wagon, but we were on our way without getting too wet.

The driver was surprised to see a bike (despite my reporting on the form that I had a bike with me), but he was competent and drove on the highway at a good clip. In fact, at one point a flash that was not lightning came from one of the overpassing structures, and he identified it as a speed-trap camera.

By the time we arrived at the Hotel, it was 9:15pm. Seeing the rain, my driver then gave me an umbrella he happened to have in the trunk. I checked into my hotel room, which ended up being no larger than a walk-in closet with a bathroom and "kitchen" so small that while cooking was possible, cleaning up afterwards was not. Todd met me at the hotel soon thereafter, and we went out to a restaurant. Germany had passed a law recently that made smoking illegal in restaurants, and I was very pleased with it.

By the time dinner was over, it was past 11:30pm. Todd gave me a quick tour of the office, we made arrangements to meet the next day, and I went to bed a little past midnight after taking some melatonin, hoping that my jet-lag would be mild.

(By the way, because my writing will be several days late at best, the best way to check up on me is via my friend feed)

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