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Sunday, December 20, 2009


I woke up at 6am today, which was my indication that my cold was mostly over. Yet when the opportunity came up to dive, I declined it, partly because Lisa didn't want to go, but because of fear that any lingering congestion would make equalization difficult.

We were dropped off at the main jetty in town, where there was a fruit and vegetable market, a T-shirt/souvenier market, a collection of restaurants, super markets, and many such services. We had heard that Friendship Bay had a great beach with good swimming and snorkeling, so all of us piled into a taxi and rode it over to Friendship Bay, where there was a resort with a diner and restaurants. We arrived there at 10:00am, promptly changed into our bathing gear, got out our snorkels and fins, and jumped into the water. Lisa didn't feel like swimming that day, so she went for a massage instead.

Unfortunately, the water was disappointing. Visibility was about 5 feet at most, not at all what I expected from a Caribbean snorkeling spot. There wasn't much wild-life, but Alena claimed that there was another spot a bit aways out of the way. After a brief break, I swam over to the area, and it was better, but still not spectacular. With that disappointment, we had lunch and then walked over to the other side of the island. Along the way, we saw many local tropical fruits such as papayas, but nothing that was ripe and easily picked. The weather was warm, and by the time we reached the saddle between Friendship Bay and Port Elizabeth, I was ready for another swim. We saw a sign that pointed to Lower Bay Beach, and decided to explore and take a look.
From St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Lower Bay Beach turned out to be a beautiful beach, but had a very strange shelf just before the beach so there was a lot of breakers. After a short snacker, Ron and Sue decided to keep walking, but the rest of us decided to try the swimming. I took a couple of long swims after a snorkel revealed that there was really nothing to see in the area (again). I then discovered the big disadvantage of the Vibram Five Finger: once sand gets into them, it's pretty darn impossible to get sand out again without a washing machine. It was getting to be 4:30pm anyway, so we took a taxi ride back to Port Elizabeth where the only place with showers was the Bistro. We took turns taking showers, and then walked over to the jetty dock, which took far longer than we expected, rendering us about 10 minutes late.
From St. Vincent and the Grenadines

By the time we took a water taxi back to the Illusion, Norman was hopping mad. "When I say 5:30, I mean 5:30, not 5:40. And if you don't call us before 6:00pm telling us that you're late, we'll assume that you're staying ashore and having dinner on your own."
From St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Despite that bit of a downer, we agreed over dinner that it was quite a nice day. Lisa thought she'd be up for diving tomorrow, so along with Josh and Noah we agreed that we would try to get to do a dive tomorrow morning before the Illusion left for Wallilabou Bay. Sarang wanted to hike up a volcano before he left on the 23rd, and Wallilabou Bay would be a good place to stage such an assault.

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