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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Young Island

We had our last two dives on St. Vincent scheduled for today, as the idea would be to leave Young Island the next day for Union Island after picking two more crew members late tonight. This would mean a full crew of 10, with Norman and Allison not having a cabin.

At 9:00am sharp, the Dive St. Vincent boat showed up and we were off. Our first dive was Dan's Reef, which was in the shadow when we arrived, but clouds lifted at the end. Since the other two divers were at the end of their stay with a flight out the next day, it wasn't a very deep dive—around 70'. When we were finished, they asked DJ if they could repeat a dive at the Garden, which was their favorite dive so far. Since we were OK with that, we ended up doing our last dive there. Both sites were beautiful, with the garden being interspersed with coral and sand, so it truly was like visiting a laid out garden.

We finshed the dives, ate at Xcape again, and bought 3 burgers for the dive shop operators as a tip after that. Josh had asked me to get his mask repaired, so I asked the dive shop for a replacement strap. That came out to be about 25EC, and Josh was happy about it when we returned the operational mask to him.

Upon discussing the day with the others, we learned that a private party had booked up the Young Island resort, and no one was allowed to set foot on the island other than those in the party. Alena decided to swim there while waiting for Norman to pick us up, but while she was swimming across, Lisa saw Norman leave the jetty, apparently having picked no one up. It turned out that his cell phone's clock was about 15 minutes faster than everybody else's.

There was nothing to do then, than to wait for Alena to swim back from Young Island (where she had been invited to the party), and then hire a water taxi back to the Illusion. Lisa and I packed away her dive gear, and then had dinner, where Norman launched into another one of his stories, this time about land ownership and a project in Barbados.

I then asked Norman for a piece of cord, and proceeded to have a knots lesson aboard the Illusion. "Wow, we've never had a formal knots lesson before," said Allison. We first started with the figure 8, then moved on to the half-hitch, and finally did the bowline, whereupon Norman got mad enough at the way I was demonstrating it to give everyone a demonstration instead. I figured that we would start with knots tonight, move on to sailing principles tomorrow night, and maybe ask people if there were topics they were interested in afterwards.

After that, there was a brief period of reading, at which point everyone turned in, not waiting for our latest crew members to show up.

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