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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Despite Norman's tinkering with the skiff's outboard, it still wasn't running reliably. At this point, I made the comment to Ron that these diesel engines seem to last forever, at which point Susie corrected me, "No, it's not a diesel engine. It's just a gasoline engine running so badly that it stinks!"

Norman thus made the decision to skip Mayreau and Mustique on the way back, since neither places had water taxis, so we had to head all the way back to Bequia. Today, Norman seemed to have calmed down a bit, and got Alena, Paul, Mary, and Greg to help out with the sailing rather than try to do everything himself. The departure went uneventfully, and the sailing was smooth. We did see various catamarans and other boats go flying past us, however, so we knew that we were getting pretty good wind.
From St. Vincent and the Grenadines

The ship's generator had been broken since the day before, but fortunately, Norman had changed his mind about letting me plug in my CPAP battery, which meant that I would be able to get two more nights of CPAP therapy, which was all I needed before I would have consistent power. At this point, everybody's cell phone was drained down to next to nothing, and even my battery extender was gone.
From St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Upon arrival at Bequia, a water taxi was called. Paul & Greg had reserved a room in a hotel on Bequia, and they seemed relief to get off the boat. Lisa, Noah, Josh and I went over to Bequia Dive Adventures and arranged for 2 dives tomorrow, since it was our last chance to dive. We then bought a little bit of food, and Lisa bought some souvenirs to bring back home, though I had to remind her that our flight from St. Vincent to St. Lucia was going to be extremely weight limited! Looking around the harbor, it was clear that a party was going to be happening on New Year's Eves. Big huge boats were coming into the bay. Even Club Med had a boat coming into the harbor and disgorging tourists and all sorts of water-borne toys.
From St. Vincent and the Grenadines

We then double checked with the tourist information to make sure that there was a ferry departing on New Year's day. We were told that there were two, one at 7:00am, and one at 7:30am, and the cost would be 20EC per person. We ran into Paul and Greg outside their hotel, and they graciously let Lisa and I use their bathroom to shower.

Upon returning to the Illusion, Norman asked if I had a print out of our itinerary from St. Vincent to St. Lucia. Since we had booked everything online, and didn't have a printer handy at Wallilabou Bay, we didn't have a print out. "If I had known, I would have brought the laptop today to the internet cafe and printed out a copy!" I said to Lisa. I probably said it too loudly, since Norman yelled back, "You knew, Piaw, because you were there when Zach left the boat, and you heard me ask him for his flight papers." I guess when you're the skipper of a boat you expect everyone to hang on your every word. I'll remember not to do that the next time I'm the skipper of a boat.
From St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Fortunately, Allison was going to head down to shore with Norman anyway, and she had her Mac. So I powered up our laptop, copy and pasted our online copy of our itinerary to our portable hard drive, and then copied it to Allison's computer. We were very relieved to get all this out of the way, and had an uneventful dinner.

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