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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wallilabou Bay

Apparently, the day before, a new boat had arrived, which forced Norman to switching mooring buoys. Norman wasn't very happy about it, because he had laid down the mooring buoy himself. Nevertheless, the Illusion was moved and everyone was happy. However, during the night the mooring broke loose, so the boat next to us drifted towards the rocks on the north end of the bay. Everyone on the boat had awakened upon hearing the shouts except Lisa and I! Apparently, it was very exciting with lots of pulling and shouting, but it turned out that there were railroad tracks underneath that boat, and they had just gotten stuck on them. A little bit of throttle and they were free. They sailed off and we never saw them again.

We left early this morning, since we had to do a taxi transfer and make it to the dive shop at 9:30am. It took us longer to get picked up this time, so it was a good thing we left extra time, but now that I knew where the two bus terminals were, and how they worked (one was for local rides, the other for long distance rides), we had no problem with the transfer, which had taken a whole hour the day before.

Today's Divemaster was DJ, a quiet St. Vincent native. Dive 3 was at New Guinea Reef, and I learned to be really comfortable there, and took the best picture of a Moray Eel that I had taken the entire trip. A barracuda was spotted, and I also saw some jelly fish and got a good picture of them.

Dive 4 was at Turtle Reef, where I spotted some Sphagetti Eel and had 100' of visibility. This was ideal diving, warm water, no current, and lots and lots of wildlife. DJ mentioned that a night dive was planned for December 26th, and we committed there and then to do it. In fact, since I knew we wouldn't be leaving until the 28th, I committed us to a 5 dive package.

We ate lunch, and then took the bus downtown where it took me about 25 minutes to find an ATM that would take my american ATM card and give me money. Then we got back to Wallilabou bay, but upon arriving discovered that Lisa had stuck the camera into her pocket and it had fallen right out of it during the bus ride, so we lost 2 days worth of pictures, including the ones that I was making just as I was getting comfortable with shooting underwater! I was so bummed that I ordered a beer at Steve's to the sound of Ron saying, "I can't believe Piaw is drinking alcohol!"

I did pass on Dive St. Vincent's snorkel trip information: they ran a trip to the Falls of Baleine in the north of St. Vincent, and a second snorkel site, with all day rum punch for US$60 a head. The price was too steep for everyone there, so they passed. Allison, however, was interested in doing the night dive with us, since she had never done one before.

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