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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Review: The Six Directions of Space

The Six Directions of Space is a novella, just over 80 pages long. I don't normally review short stories, but since Amazon has this selling at $75, or at almost $1/page, and I checked it out of the library for no charge, I feel obliged to talk about it.

The story revolves around an alternate history, a space faring empire in a timeline where the Mongols succeeded in taking over the world, and establishing itself as the premiere human civilization. They explore the universe through wormholes left behind by some ancient civilization. The story opens when Yellow Dog, and agent of the empire, is sent to investigate a far flung province. She enters deep cover, and uncovers a startling observation about the Infrastructure used to united the empire...

The story isn't long enough to really get more than a bare-bones plot and story line, and in many ways I feel like the setup was mostly performed as a misdirection. While it's a reasonably good story, it's not one of Reynolds' best. I would definitely not pay the $75 price.

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