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Tuesday, June 04, 2013


We were so tired upon returning to Athens that we spent the rest of the day sleeping and dealing with the unpleasant base manager as well as all the sundries required in returning the boat. So it wasn't until the next morning when we moved back to Hotel Tony's that we could explore the city in earnest. We first visited the Acropolis museum, which was interesting. The heat was turned up pretty high so we were pretty glad to return to the hotel at 3pm to rest and then leave for the Funky Gourmet.
From Greece 2013
The Funky Gourmet was my first one-star Michelin restaurant experience. Set in an interesting neighborhood in a house with no bill-board, you would only find it after making reservations at the restaurants. Even taxi drivers won't necessarily know how to find it! Bowen was very good, spending an hour in his seat before demanding to walk around and explore the restaurant. The 13-course meal took almost 3 hours to serve, but it was excellent, providing some of the best pesto I'd ever had and some interesting desserts where flavor literally explodes in your mouth. The introduction to each meal also theatrically done, and I was impressed. Definitely one of the highlights of the trip.
From Greece 2013
For our last day, we visited the Acropolis proper, as well as the Agora. The lines were long, the place was exceedingly crowded, and it was too warm for me. In the evening, we explored Filopauppou Hill near Hotel Tony, and were rewarded with a beautiful glimpse of the sun setting over the area near Athens.
From Greece 2013
Nevertheless, I was quite relieved to leave Greece and Athens after the biggest fiasco of a trip that I'd had in years.

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