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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Greece Conclusions

As far as I could tell, the sailing in Greece is not very good. You either get no wind, or too much wind. If the snorkeling/diving/hiking or other outdoor activities made up for it, I'd be inclined to recommend it. Unfortunately, the snorkeling was mediocre, and the swimming frequently took you to polluted waters. The sailing might be decent if you got luckier than we did, but the unpleasant experience of pulling up at a berth only to have your power/water snatched away left me with a nasty feeling. Compared to the BVIs where people were much more relaxed and you weren't fighting with people over scarce resources, it made Greece feel much less like a vacation and more like a stressful battle every day. The big difference between the BVIs and Greece is that Greece docks in towns are very pretty. With a small boat, it is conceivable you could dock every night in town and experience the Tavernas, if that was your thing. But if you just wanted to see the pretty towns (and there are admittedly a lot of them), you don't need to charter a sailboat. Just use the ferry to go island hopping instead. All in all, sailing in Greece (and the Mediterranean) has been a big disappointment. I would not do so again, and wouldn't recommend it to anyone when there are better destinations. It is indeed dawning upon me that the Caribbean is to sailing what the Alps are to cycling.

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