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Friday, June 21, 2013

Review: Don't Turn Around

Don't Turn Around is Michelle Gagnon's YA thriller. It does seem custom-written for Hollywood as far as facing the latest trends. The teen heroine protagonist, Noa, wakes up on an operating room table and immediately manages to run from her captors despite having what looked like pretty major surgery. She soon teams up with rich boy Peter, who while hacking into a corporate site gets his house broken into and his laptop taken away. They then work to figure out why this corporate site is so important, why Noa was operated on, and the latest nefarious scheme to kidnap runaways.

The treatment of computers is very much like a Hollywood movie: being good at computers means you're good at breaking and entering corporate sites and running your e-mail through multiple proxies to hide where you're from. The evil people are cartoon villains who have enormous resources behind them. The ending has light bulbs exploding,  etc.

The heroine, Noa, draws immediate comparison with Lisbeth Salander in Girl with  the Dragon Tattoo. Unfortunately, with an even more unbelievable plot, I cannot recommend this novel. Go elsewhere for your summer reading.

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