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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Review: Summer Knight

Summer Knight is the fourth book in the Dresden files. This time, Jim Butcher focuses on the Faerie, while providing more background for Harry Dresden's past. We finally get to see the White Council in action, as well as some the werewolves from Fool Moon.

There are several problems with Butcher's milleu, however. For instance, given an apparently large number of Wizards, they seem ridiculously ineffectual. While you might dismiss most of them as being perhaps researchy/ivory-tower types, it does seem like Dresden is the only Wizard who's actually actively involved in the world, leading to what I call the "player-character-problem". In other words, it's a world where that does seem like it exists only give give Dresden meaning. While this is common in fantasy, by setting Dresden in Chicago, the milleu means that Chicago is at the center of the universe.

That might be ok if Butcher has Dresden doing his best to reset everything into status quo after each book, but given the huge world-changing events that tend to happen, it's a wonder that not everyone in this universe knows all there is to know about the monsters in the night.

Nevertheless, if you can put all this behind you, it's a fun summer read that doesn't require a lot of thinking. Mildly recommended.

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