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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: Grave Perils

Grave Perils is the first Dresden book that feels like it's a good novel. It starts out with Dresden and his friend Michael trying to figure out what's causing the ghosts in Chicago to go crazy, and rather than trying to follow the private investigator genre that's not working for the a Wizard who's none too good a putting clues together, the Butcher goes the route of the thriller.

We get large set pieces involving ghosts, faerie, and of course, a vampire masquerade party. We get grudge matches, and Dresden at last seems to show that he's actually a somewhat competent Wizard, even though he does seem to spend a lot of the novels almost completely bereft of power.

The lows: the novels don't seem to provide a coherent view of magic and what it can or  cannot do, and so what Dresden does doesn't always feel like something the reader could anticipate in the first place. Lois Bujold does a much better job in her Chalion novels.

Nevertheless, if you're interested in a fantasy thriller, this was a fun read. Recommended.

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