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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Long Term Review: Garmin GSC10

I bought the Garmin GSC 10 several years ago in the hopes that it would improve accuracy of tracking for the Garmin GPS. On this year's tour, I discovered that it's not designed for wheels with 15 gauge swaged spokes. I use thin, swaged spokes because they build stronger wheels, so it was disappointing to discover that the magnet on the GSC10 swings about on the thing spokes.

I would still have kept using the GSC10 on tour if whenever the GSC10 failed to register the magnet, the Garmin head unit would switch to using the GPS and record distance that way. Unfortunately, when that happens, the Garmin head unit would register 0 distance and 0 speed, and I lost about 10km of route data that way. This result made me turn off the GSC10 and deregister it from my bike for half of the 2014 Tour of the Alps.

I happily use this unit when I'm at home, since it's no big deal to lose some information here and there until I stop and adjust the magnet. But when touring, it's a big nono. I expect not to use this unit on tour in the future.

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