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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Review: i-Bert Safe-T Seat

It's almost getting to the point where Bowen has to go to pre-school, which is about 4 miles away. I'd been riding him around locally with the Weeride Kangaroo seat, but I found that I was just tall enough that my knees kept hitting the seat. For short rides, no problem, but if I was going to deliver Bowen on a regular basis to pre-school by bike, I'd better fix it.

The first thing to do was to switch to an off-set seat post and shove the saddle all the way back. That made it so that my knee wouldn't hit as hard, but if I raised my seat to the proper riding height, I would still hit the seat with my knee.

I finally gave up and ended up with the iBert Safe-T seat. The first thing you notice when you install this seat is that it's wobbly. So much so that I was worried about the safety of the thing and had Pardo drop by to take a look at it. After examination, he pronounced the Safe-T seat safe to use as long as you didn't exceed the weight limits (about 40 pounds). The wobble looked alarming but actually goes away when you load the seat with a real toddler.

With this seat, my knees barely graze the seat when set at proper riding height. It also has the advantage of being easier to secure and put a toddler in and out of it. And I can now ride at almost normal riding speed: obviously you can't go full tilt with a toddler in it: that adds a good 25 pounds or so to the bike!

Recommended. We've been using it almost daily and been quite satisfied.

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