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Friday, August 15, 2014

Review: Super-Powereds: Year 2

After I got home, I checked out Super-Powereds: Year 2 from the Kindle lending library, since I enjoyed Year 1.

Like its predecessor, Year 2 started as a web novel, and shows. The chapters are short, and there are a lot of cliff-hangers, presumably to keep the web-reader coming back. However, it's a very good read, and it's great to see Drew Hayes improving as a novelist. What's even cooler is that Hayes is keeping the series up on his website, meaning you can start reading Year 3 today with no wait.

The characters are fleshed out, and of course, sophomore year in college as a super hero doesn't make things easy. Hayes does a good job keeping you engaged with each of the primary characters carried over from the first novel, which is no mean feat with an ensemble cast. Furthermore, he adds a few more characters that you come to care about, but without giving the novel Rumiko Takahashi syndrome (Takahasi's idea of character development is to add more characters).

At this point, we start to see more background for each of the characters, and reveals of the overall plot-arc which Hayes has in mind. While that plot arc moves slowly, there are lots of little subplots going on, TV-show style, so you're never stuck tapping your toes while nothing happens. (I'm looking at you, George R. R. Martin)

We do get to see more ramifications of a world full of super heroes, and where nearly every type of hero has existed and been classified. There's even a super-hero puzzler which is fair (one of the character hits the wall with his growth, and the answer to why that wall exists and how to overcome it was particularly satisfying).

All in all, a good read and worth your time.

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