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Friday, August 22, 2014

Tour Review: Michelin Pro Race 3 Tire

I brought the Michelin Pro Race 3 tire on tour with misgivings. The last few times I'd brought 25mm tires on tour, they'd resulted in shredded tires and I'd have to use a spare to finish the tour. I brought a spare this time as well, but did not need it. The tire handled on and off-road riding, including much road construction debris with aplomb. I descended several wet roads and did not feel any loss of wet traction, but I wasn't pushing the limits in those circumstances either.

I've since come home and ridden the tires on the bike off pavement, and the tires are still going strong, despite 2000km of riding on them at this point, of which 1600km were loaded in alpine conditions. The tire's likely to wear out within the next week, and I'll be replacing it with a Michelin Pro 4. It's clear that if you exceed 2000km of touring in the alps, you will need to bring a spare or rotate the tires to avoid going into the threads.

Come to think of it, when I previously shredded tires in the Alps, it wasn't on Michelins. It was with Avocets. I can highly recommend the Michelin tires, and would happily do another tour on them.

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