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Monday, August 22, 2022

Review: Spenco Men's Fusion 2 Sandal

 I had a really bad case of athlete's foot, with bleeding and all the really nasty stuff. I finally saw a doctor and he immediately prescribed a athlete's foot creme to get rid of the fungus infection. He also recommended Spenco Men's Fusion 2 Sandals to reduce strain on my feet after I told him that I went barefoot all the time.

I usually hate wearing shoes in the house. The fact is, shoes take away tactile feeling on my feet, and of course if you're cleaning the house bare feet immediately let you know where the kids have spilled sugary stuff on the floor. But doctor's orders and all that. After several weeks of wearing this, my feet got much better, and to my surprise, I liked them so much that I don't want to go barefoot in the house anymore, so I guess the hard floor really was tough on my feet.

You can pay for these with FSA money if you get your doctor to write a prescription. I recommend them!

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