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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Review: Ring Doorbell, Camera and Security Lights

 For our new home, I decided on the Ring ecosystem, since we already had Amazon Echos as well as my inherent distrust in long term support for any Google product. (Not to mention, my opinion of Google product managers is that they don't seem to use any of their own products the way I would)

For the door bell, I went with the wired Ring Video Doorbell. Usually, Amazon product managers are very good about user install experience, but this one was exceptionally bad, especially if you didn't install it yourself. The pairing requires a PIN that can only be found after you take apart the doorbell. Taking it apart requires a special tool. Good thing I found that tool and was able to install it.

For security cameras, I went with the luxury model with two way talk, sirens, etc.  These are wired so they kinda wouldn't work well if any robbers had a ladder and could climb up to unplug the device. On the other hand, the most important security item is the Ring Security Yard sign.  The installation of those are much better than for the doorbell. The pin is right on the camera and the pairing works really well. Note that all these devices require that you have wifi signal throughout the entire coverage zone.

Unlike modern appliances, the ring devices come with both a website and an app. This is huge. The motion detection also works well, detecting pedestrians walking past your house. There are also alerts you can set. If you want full time coverage you can pay $100/year  for recording all devices, or $30/year for each camera. To get full time monitoring you also need to buy a ring alarm system.

All in all, the plans are way cheaper than Google's and unlike Google products don't run the risk of cancellation. I'm happy with it.

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