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Monday, August 08, 2022

Review: Garmin quarter turn watch mount

 I've been using the old style Garmin rubber mount for many years. It works, but is always sloppy and finicky. I recently discovered that Garmin now made quarter turn mounts for the Fenix 6. These new style mounts make use of the quick release bands on the watches, which you unlatch and then the bars those bands mount onto turn into latches for the plastic mount that comes with the kit. You then quarter-turn that onto any Garmin mount, which remains the most effective mount I've ever seen for bike accessories.

The old rubber mount weighs 54g, and the new plastic mount weighs 9g. 2 industrial rubber bands weigh 1g, and the quarter turn bike mount and the rubber washer weigh about 2g, so it's about a 40g weight savings for about $30. There's also an Asian knock-off of the same kit for about half the price, but unlike the Garmin version you have to know which of the 3 mounts that comes with the Garmin kit which is a hassle.

You might think that you can just buy one of the Chinese knock-offs on Amazon if you know exactly what your watch size is. But I actually tried one of them, and believe it or not there's a quality difference. The Chinese knock-off wouldn't let you pull your watch out without using a pair of pliers, so this is truly the only version you should get.

This is clearly a superior way to turn your watch into a bike computer. Recommended.

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