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Thursday, August 04, 2022

Review: Moosetreks Feedbag

 In past years, I've used CamelBak backpacks for Bowen and Boen to drink from the bike while riding. Most of the time, however, enough on hard rides, they don't even want to wear the camelbak, resorting to stopping the bike to drink. I learned however, that the rise of bikepacking has introduced the idea of a feedbag, and the cheapest model easily available was the Moosetreks feedbag. The last straw was when a water bottle was ejected from the triplet. I went all in and bought 2, one for each of my sons.

The bag mounts on the stem and is large enough for a full sized water bottle. It's insulated too, so water stays cold. Side pockets mean it can be used to store clif bars or gatorade chews. Bowen used it on a 7.5 hour ride, and said it's much better since I could now use Nuun tablets in his water bottle, something I'd avoided before since Camelbaks are notoriously hard to clean!

All through this year's tour, both kids used the feedbag for water bottles, snacks, and for a change, they disposed of wrappers into the feedbag rather than into my back pocket, for which I'm grateful. Both bags survived the tour, through rain, etc, with no issues.

I'm thinking that for any new bikes or my mountain bike, the feedbag is a far better alternative to the usual water bottle cage or handlebar bag. You don't see too many new ideas in cycling, but this is a good one. Recommended.


Barry Chaffin said...

Your Moosetreks feedbag link takes you to Strava.

Piaw Na said...

Thanks! I fixed it.