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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

July 1st: Feldkirch

 It poured down rain in the morning, and Xiaoqin said Bowen had had a tough night, and protested against riding to Sargans. Bowen didn't want to ride either, despite my positing to him that today, we could have breakfast in Austria, lunch in Liechtenstein, and dinner in Switzerland. Xiaoqin further insisted that I take Bowen to a doctor.

I cancelled the reservation at Sargans and went to the receptionist to see if we could extend our stay. I did a Google search and found 2 pediatricians within walking distance. The receptionist called the first one when it opened at 8am, but they weren't taking any appointments. She called the second and this time, got us an appointment at 9:30am. I bought a light breakfast at the supermarket in the train station, and we ate breakfast while Bowen used the toilet.

I then bought a direct train ticket to Zurich for the next day from Feldkirch. It was a bit more expensive than a Sargans train ticket would have been, but the real penalty was that it wasn't going to be a roll-on/roll-off experience. The hotel extended our stay for a good price, thanks to the sympathetic receptionist, and at 9:00am we walked to the pediatrician.

She diagnosed Bowen's problem as a virus of some sort, and gave us a prescription for some anti-nausea medication so he could keep the diarrhea medication down. Despite that medication, after lunch (taken at the Asian booth downstairs at the train station), Bowen threw up again. Clearly the diarrhea medication was just as bad as the virus (if it was a virus).

With Bowen on and off the toilet all day, there was naught to do but stay in the room and hide from the rain. I got my kids listening to Spitz and various other Japanese music. When the rain stopped, we walked around town for ice cream but returned to the train station for dinner. It was a bummer of day, but if you're going to get sick, get sick at the end of the tour. That way you won't have lost too many days and wouldn't have to do cascades of reservation cancellations!

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