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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hotel Recommendation: Hotel De La Paix Montparnasse

I first visited Paris 10 years ago. Together with a friend, we explored many many hotels --- all of them were expensive, most of them were too noisy to sleep in, and my Lonely Planet guide was of no help. Until my friend picked up a brochure for Hotel De La Paix Montparnasse. This is a cozy little hotel in the Montparnasse area, right on the Raspail metro stop.

It's not very luxurious. However, it has one major feature --- rooms facing away from the main boulevard, with blinds that completely block out the light, and windows thick enough to eliminate the street noise. You can really sleep well in this hotel. I returned recently after 10 years, and the place hasn't changed. The staff is still courteous and friendly, and the rooms are as nice as I remember. The breakfast is kinda expensive (but this is Paris), but unlike many hotels, it's optional --- so if you're a late sleeper and are likely to have brunch anyway, skip it. Or just buy a couple of croissants from a bakery and eat it in your room for breakfast.

Since moderately priced hotels with rooms that are quiet are quite tough to find in Paris, I heartily give this hotel a recommendation. (For instance, we paid 97 Euros a night, while a friend who's staying at youth hostel is paying 44 Euros a night)

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