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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Review: In the Midnight Hour

I'm beginning to realize that Tor's free e-books might just not be for me. Take In the Midnight Hour (free kindle download), for instance. Girl meets guy, they fall in love right away, but spend a good half the book with heaving bosoms and longing for each other while moving plot tokens around, and then finish with a grand finale, vanquishing enemies, and restoring the universe to its proper place. Character development? Well, both main characters are perfect, and everyone else is a stereotype.

If this book was sold as a bodice ripper, I wouldn't have picked it up. As it is, it was given away as a Fantasy novel. Well, it's fantasy alright, but perhaps of the kind best restricted to day dreaming.

Recommended only for people who like bodice rippers. Yech! I don't know anyone like that.

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