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Monday, July 07, 2008

Review: Fantasy - The Best of the Year 2006

I bought this fantasy collection (kindle compatible edition)after thoroughly enjoying Rich Horton's 2006 Science Fiction collection. It took me much longer to read this book than the science fiction counterpart because I didn't like a number of stories in it, which made certain stories slow going. That said, there were a few gems in it. My personal favorite was Peter Beagle's Two Hearts, a sequel to his beautiful The Last Unicorn, and just as beautifully written --- a tale about how a hero would age and the attempts of his friends to revive him.

Neil Gaiman's Sunbird was also worth reading, as was Pat Cadigan's story about a recovering vampire, Is there Life After Rehab?. The closing piece, a Jack Vance tribute by Matthew Hughes, was also entertaining. A number of pieces left me cold, however, namely Steve Tem's and Marc Laidlaw's stories.

All in all, while not a waste of money (it's cheaper to buy these anthologies than to subscribe to the paper magazines they draw their material from), not as good a value as the science fiction equivalent. Mildly recommended. I'll probably buy the 2007 editions next.

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