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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is the Kindle starting to tip the Publishing industry?

Ever since I bought my Kindle in March, every time I saw a book I wanted that wasn't on the Kindle but was on the dead trees, I'd send e-mail to the publishers and authors to try to get them to put it on the Kindle.

From April through June, I mostly got no reply, or Thank you for your feedback type automated responses. Authors have mostly said things like, "I have no control over it --- the publisher makes the decision." Then recently, the replies have started changing to, "We're working on it. In fact, we're working on our entire back-list and bringing it up soon. Stay in touch."

Is this a sign that the Kindle is tipping the publishing industry? I hope so. I would especially love to have travel guides on the Kindle.


Hector Yee said...

I think I am leaning towards buying a kindle now...

Piaw Na said...

My Kindle paid for itself this last weekend in Paris. If you've got a long plane trip coming, buy it now. Otherwise, as with most computer equipment, the price will drop over time. I expect Kindle-like devices to be $200 by this time next year.