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Monday, July 28, 2008

Review: Guardians of the Flame - Legacy

Legacy (DRM-free Kindle-compatible edition) covers 2 more novels in the series, about the next generation of "other-siders", most of which is Jason Cuilliane, son of the emperor and heir apparent. There's been a ton of fore-shadowing involving a sword in prior novels, but these two novels don't do anything related to that.

Instead, the first novel (The Heir Apparent) focuses on Jason panicking during a raid and running away. The rest of the party, of course, feels obliged to draw attention to themselves to that the Culliane heir doesn't get captured (this includes Karl abandoning the empire he built and turning it over to Barons). The net result is a series of big fights, and an conclusion that's perhaps no conclusion.

The second novel (The Warrior Lives) seems to me to be merely a wild goose chase. The only unexpected bit happens right at the end, but the pay-off is not worth the journey. Easy reading if you need a distraction, but I cannot really recommend it.

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