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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Review: Book of Lost Things

This short book (kindle edition) runs on a familiar theme: a young boy loses his mother to a deadly disease, and then misses her horribly. One night, he hears her calling to him, and following her voice, finds himself in a magic fairy-tale land, and proceeds on a quest to rescue her.

The novel covers a lot of traditional fairy tales, putting entertaining twists on many of them, and perhaps covering a bit of cliched ground. Connolly manages to grant a fresh view on my fairy tales without necessarily spoiling them (though I am getting tired of the riddling troll bridges, but it was used in a way to orient the reader so I can forgive it).

Even the plot isn't as cliched as one might initially think, because the quests and stories used are quickly discarded, and the ending is appropriate, without even a hint of Deus Ex Machina. My big complaint is that the book is too short and hence a quick read (it lasted perhaps half a long train trip). Recommended for a good change of pace from the usual kid lost in a fairy tale land story.

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