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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Appendix B: Tour of the Pyrenees Statistics

We totaled 1649.7km of riding over 28331m of elevation gain. The spreadsheet with daily breakdowns show that while in previous years we had many multiple days exceeding 2400m, we had none this year. We also had no days exceeding 113km, while in previous tours we usually had one or two days in excess of 150km.

Most of this was the result of us being out of shape at the start, but part of it was due to the French lunches --- at 2 hours per lunch, it really cuts into your riding time. Our longest days were the days when we chose to forgo a sit down lunch and went with a grocery store lunch instead.

The short riding days and the small amounts of elevation gain make this the easiest single bike tour in the last few years, even though I at least felt the difficulty more, showing that condition is by far the biggest variable in what makes a tour easy or hard, rather than the actual physical distance covered or elevation gained.

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