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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nantua to Geneva

From Screen Captures

90.9km, 1467m climbed

We left at 9:15 and immediately started to climb to Le Replat at around 900m. Unfortunately due to a navigation error we climbed the wrong hill, turning right onto D55c towards Col de Belleroche (1056m) instead of towards Col de Berentin (1144m). By the time I figured it out the others were so far ahead of me I could not catch them before the next intersection. Fortunately it was a really gentle climb with beautiful scenery, so we all enjoyed the climb.

So we descended from 1044m and went up first Col de Berentin (1144m), which was a pass surrounded by forests, then descended a bit before climbing Col de
Curvery (1178m), our last col of the trip, which was a bit desolate but not too windy. Then it was a scenic descent to Bellegarde (420m), which would have granted us a grand view of Mont Blanc if it wasn't so hazy and muggy that our visibility was restricted.

In Bellegarde, we ate a lunch at a Boulangerie before starting towards Geneva via the road to Collonges, which had an annoying amount of traffic before we turned off onto the secondary road, which was straight but also quite hilly. Just before the merge back to the main highway, I told my gps to navigate us to the train station in Geneva, and lo and behold, it gave us a series of small pleasant roads to ride on (with some climbing) by crossing into Switzerland early and winding around some roads. The moment we crossed into Switzerland I knew right away because the road
immediately got smoother!

There was any occasional headwind but only the last 5km were in nasty city traffic and we got to the hotel with no problems. The tour total was 1047 miles, which was not too bad. We had 5 flats in total, 1 shredded tire, one broken saddlebag loop, loose chain ring, loose crank, the center adjustment screw came loose off Mike's brake, the shifter came loose on Mike's bike, and his saddle bag leaned against the barrel adjuster tightening it (forcing a shim from a plastic bottle to keep the bag away from the brake)), a buckle on Roberto's handlebar bag broke. Roberto's improvised fender, however, held up for thye entire trip.

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