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Saturday, September 13, 2008

St. Marcellin

48.7km 432m climbed

We left Orange and immediately headed into a massive headwind. Riding
into Vaison where we had some relief due to the Mountains to the
North, we saw a bike shop but they did not have a replacement lateral
adjustment screw for Mike.

One more km later, to add insult to injury Mike got another front flat
from a glass cut. The wind got nastier and I saw to my dismay that
Ventoux was shrouded in clouds.

We stopped in Entrevaux and called a couple of hotels before finding
one that would take a call. They had a room for us and when we showed
up we were a little surprised to find it right in the middle of some
vineyards. I called for a short day in light of the impending weather.

After lunch I riode to town to pick up groceries and it rained on me a
bit. I guess it was destined to be a short day one way or another. If
this is typical Provencal weather I wonder why anyone thinks it's
great touring country. If I'm to be rained on I'd rather be in the

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