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Friday, September 19, 2008

Bourg-en-Bresse to Nantua

From Screen Captures

From Bourg-En-Bresse, it was a short ride today, though we first did a a brief tour to see folks we had stayed with one last time before departing --- first to the tourist information center, where we met Doriane, and she got us a reservation at Nantua, then over to the Soler's in Montagnat so I could pick up a tube of moisturizing lotion that I left the day before.

Mr. Soler had told us the day before that even though the road to Geneva on N84 was a red road on the Michelin map, there was a freeway to Geneva that paralleled it, which meant that N84 was actually worth riding. And so it proved true --- we had light traffic on rolling hills until past the river L'ain, where we were faced with 10-15% grades up from 350m to 780m over about 3km to Col du Berthiand (780m). The sun came out, so even though it was cool, we had clear views and of course, the cool weather made for nice climbing.

Mike's saddle bag hoop detached from the saddle and his right shifter came apart but both were fixed --- the saddlebag strap was attached to a seat rail instead, and Mike disassembled and reassembled the shifter. All our bikes are creaking, clicking or making strange noises that they didn't make at the start of our tour so it's just as well that our last serious day of riding was tomorrow.

We descended from the Col into Nantua, arriving at 1:00pm, in time to have a 2 hour lunch, and then a relaxing day by the beautiful lake, either walking around or shopping for groceries since the hotel we were in had expensive breakfasts. We made a reservation in Geneva for the next day, and slept well.

Not bad for 49.7km, 939m climbed, since it would let us to more riding tomorrow.

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