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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tour of the Pyrenees so far

Day 1 Hendaye to St. Etienne, 98.5km, 2026m climb
Day 2 St. Etienne to Ochagavia, 78.8km, 1765m climb
Day 3 Ochagavia to Bielle, 97.9km, 2116m climb
Day 4 Bielle to Luz, 74.5km, 1762m climb
Day 5 Luz to Arreau, 62.4km, 2037m climb

Yes, it's quite rugged out here. Our mileage is dropping even while
our climb stays the same. The descents have been steep but fun.
Consistent 9-10% grades, with controlled tight turns. Feels a bit more
like sky diving than cycling when you're dropping out of the sky like

Even Roberto admits to feeling fear on some of these descents. He even
braked on sone straightaways! The roads are pretty rough, and it's
been warm. A nice change from Germany.

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