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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Entrechaux to Remuzet

From Screen Captures

Mike felt queasy last night, to the poont of not finishing dinner. From the veranda of our hotel, we looked out South and the same dark cloud bank on top of Mt. Ventoux from yesterday was still there, continually renewed by fresh clouds. We decided there and then that even if we did the 1600m+ climb, we would not see much from Ventoux, so I plotted a route out of the area, heading down D40, past Pas du Ventoux (312m), and a second minor 300m pass. At Reilhanette, we turned off on D159, where Col d'Aulan (845m) began. The road took us up along the Toulourenc river, along a lovely gorge with very little traffic, though one driver did give us a thumbs up as he drove the opposite way. At the top we were rewarded by views of a mostly intact castle, but elected not to visit this time.

We then descended to St. Auban where the only restuarant was closed but the next town over had a restaurant with excellent pizza.

After lunch, we had a choice, Col de Perty (1302m) or Col de Peyruegue (820m) and Col de Soubeyrand (994m). The ominous clouds that had gathered bade us chose the lower climbs. Peyruegue was short and easy, but Soubeyrand was the prettier, granting us views of the surroundings in mixed artist's light as we climbed, ever changing. The constant wind had kept the air clear, granting us amazing visibility.

Past the summit, we went right into dark clouds again, so a quick descent into Remuzat was in order where we found a well appointed hotel with Creme Brulee flavored ice cream at a good price.

Another relatively easy day with 80.6km traveled and 1540m climbed.

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