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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Alls Well That Ends Badly

It was a gorgeous, beautiful day when Eva and I headed up Tunnel road to do th Berkeley Hills ride. It was a clear day, and the view at the Tunnel Road emergency preparedness exhibit was nothing short of stunning.
From BayArea
We stopped there to shed clothing and then proceeded to climb tunnel road at a good clip.
From BayArea
At the top, we turned left onto Grizzly Peak, and I stopped to put on gloves only to find that I must have dropped them on the climb. Not to worry, it was a beautiful day and I could do without gloves for a bit. Riding along Skyline, we had a stunning panoramic view of the Bay, including San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, and many other sights. Very different from the Skyline we were used to in the South Bay. We even stopped for a picture:
From BayArea
I wanted to spend more time on Skyline so we eschewed South Park Drive to descend Golf Course road, then Shasta, and onto Wildcat Canyon. All this was in the shade so my hands were a bit cold by the time we got to inspiration point, but sticking my hands under my jersey did the trick.

Descending Wildcat Canyon, I discovered that the temperature had warmed up a bit. We then started up Bear Creek Road, and on the last of the three climbs met Greg Lutz, one of the 15 co-founders of AutoDesk. AutoDesk was one of the few completely boot-strapped startups, and I was flabbergasted when Greg mentioned that they had started with only $60,000 in funding, all from the co-founders.

Unfortunately, while climbing Pig Farm Hill, my rear derailleur hanger chose at that point to split itself into two and my chain went into the spokes (some my spokes are still kinked), and the derailleur was now hanging off the chain instead of doing its job off the derailleur hanger. There was no question that I could not continue the ride, but Eva at this point flagged down a passing SUV and we asked for a ride to the nearest BART station. The driver (a florist) was fortunately not in a hurry, helped us load both our bikes into his car and then drove us to the BART.

Eva and I then had a leisurely lunch and then drove back home. What a bust! I am not having any luck with bikes this year!
From BayArea

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