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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Michael Wolf story

It was Mike Wolf's birthday yesterday. Mike, Steven Grimm, Marc Kwiatkowski, and Larry Hastings and I all worked at Mpath Interactivewhen it was a startup. Mike was one of the calmest persons you would ever meet. No matter how tense or intense the situation was, he would calmly speak as though it was sunny and there was not a care in the world. Even if the situation was that we were 50 feet off the rocks and had just committed anchoring 101 error: wrapping the anchor line around the boat's rudder. He once told someone that he only got angry if the situation demanded that he appear to be angry.

People sometimes ask me if I ever dreamed about work, and I would tell them this story. One night, I dreamed that I was in the back-seat of Mike's car (a Nissan Maxima). Mike was driving, and his roommate at the time, Steven Grimm, was in the shotgun seat. We were driving down the street when sudden Mike took a sudden left turn and drove the car up some stairs! I exclaimed, "Mike! I had no idea you could drive a car up stairs!" Completely unperturbed, Mike turned to me and said, "Piaw, it's amazing what you learn when you actually read the manual." When I got to the office and told Mike this story, he said, "Hm... you know, I've never actually read the manual for my car. Maybe I should."

Happy Birthday, Mike!

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