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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One More Cover

My friend Scarlet came up with what I think is the best front cover yet. Thanks Scarlet!

From Drop Box


Christopher said...

I like the choice of perspective for the photos on this cover. We are looking ahead, looking forward to touring. It also de-emphasises you and your specific bike, since we don't see your face or a profile of your gear. I think that's good in a book which is principally about the tour rather than being a memoir; I still expect lots of juicy personal touring anecdotes in the text with this cover.

If you have good pictures from a different tour, it might be nice to use a different environment and clothing for the back cover, which would convey a sense of the many tours you've done over the years.

I'm looking forward to reading another of your books.

ReillyCapps said...

Good cover, bro.

ed said...

Looks great!! I think the book is a real winner. Reading it pumped me up so much I just purchased a ticket to Zurich in May to do some bicycle touring.