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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Independent Cycle Touring is now Launched!

From Drop Box
As of right now, Independent Cycle Touring is now available for sale in both digital and paperback formats. The paperback book needs to go through a longish approval/proof process, but unlike a "real" publisher, I don't have to hold up the digital sales just because the paper process is slow. Note that the book was designed primarily for paper, and reads best in that format (lots of color photos, and I make full use of 2-page spreads). The digital version would be useful if you're carrying it on a Kindle when touring and just want to use it to refer to something.

I used to tell people that Raising the Bar was the best book on independent cycle touring ever written, but was usually mis-shelfed under "Business" in the bookstore. Well, this book won't be mis-shelved, but it won't be available at a bookstore either!

For a limited time (i.e., until the printed versions actually make it to me), and since I cannot guarantee delivery by Christmas time, all sales of the print edition will come with a digital edition right away, so you can enjoy the book while waiting for the paperback.

To purchase the book (or view the sample) visit Independent Cycle Touring.


Matt Hiller said...


Any chance of offering media mail as a shipping option? (At least on the Google Checkout side; didn't explore whether your Paypal integration already supports it.) Should be cheaper than first class, and well-suited to shipping a book. :-)


Piaw Na said...

Not really. Media mail requires a visit to a post office each time. In this day of 2 day shipping from Amazon, customers also don't seem to be willing to wait.