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Monday, November 22, 2010

Book Cover

My second book just came back from the proof! Above is the cover. Comment away. I'm trying to get the electronic version up by next Monday, and then start shipping paper copies by mid-December.
I'm very impressed by the job CreateSpace has done on the book. I'm very pleased with how it has turned out. The cost of a full color book, however, means that this will have to be priced at $39.95. I guess I'm going to make very small print runs!
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Shalmanese said...

It's kind of awful :P.

- The back cover is too high contrast to support readable text. Consider choosing another picture or adding a 50% opaque background to the text portion to make it more readable.
- The square image edges are jarring. Maybe soften the edges and round the corners?
- Your fonts clash. I don't like the title font at all.
- All the pictures suggest that cycling is a grey & dreary activity. Do you have any pictures that are more optimistic?
- The shade of blue you're using reinforces that image. It looks like a very depressing book.
- The 1 pixel misalignment on the right side of your main image is just weird. Why not put your main image flush right into the margin?

Piaw Na said...

the misalignment is there by design: Amazon wants it that way
I've put up the file here:
And potential covers:

I'll do more mockups today.

Piaw Na said...

is where the potential cover photos are. Feel free to tweak.

Piaw Na said...

Ok, I just did an alternate:

It doesn't look very good in Yellow. Any suggestions for fonts?