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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Review: Canadian Icewine Tea

On my Canadian Rockies trip I got a chance to experience Canadian Icewine Tea. It was exquisite. When I got home, I resolved to buy some and see if it tasted just as good when I hadn't been hiking for many days straight and away from the fresh air of the Canadian Rockies.

The tea is very fragrant. You take it out of the box and you get just a whiff of it and its really great. Then you drop it into hot water, and it takes about 3 minutes to brew if you jiggle the bag a bit. It tastes exactly like Ceylon tea, but the fragrance really does take you away to the Canadian Rockies for a bit.

"Smells like wine, tastes like tea!" --- Phil Sung
"i love tea that smells like alcohol :p" --- Cynthia Wong

All in all, it sounds like the tea is a hit! Recommended. Note that it seems to be very high in Caffeine. Not recommended for an after-dinner tea if you want to sleep. I've also learned to not drink it the morning of a hard ride for that reason. Note that repeated brews from the same tea bag loses the fragrance, so each tea bag is effectively one use.

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