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Friday, April 13, 2012


Unfortunately, returning the boat left us with a surprise. Tony's racks were rusty and left rust stains on the deck. Amy scrubbed and scrubbed with ajax and broke a deck brush doing so, but to no avail. Arturo and I tried replicating Amy's feat but discovered that Amy must have arms and backs of steel, as neither of us could match her. Finally, someone at the dock brought rust remover over, which took care of the problem, but definitely left us more tired and spent than we should have been.
From Escape Catamaran 2012

The ferry back to St. Thomas was easy, and made it easily even after eating lunch. Upon getting back to the Island View hotel, Arturo and I took a swim in the swimming pool to get some sweat off, and quickly discovered that yes, it was quite difficult for us to float in fresh water after being used to salt water.
From Escape Catamaran 2012

The crew had dinner together, and then we went to sleep. Our flights the next day went well, with a minor delay due to strong winds in New York delaying our JetBlue flight to San Francisco. We're still suffering from itchy mosquito bites, and next time I'll remember to be better about putting on insect repellent.
From Escape Catamaran 2012


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