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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Long Term Review: Battery Geek 222 Battery

As many of you know, I rely on a CPAP machine so I can breath at night. The Battery Geek C222 is sufficient to run the machine for 1.5 nights, which is enough on a sailboat since I can run the generator during the day, and Sunlinq 12W Solar Panel if the boat is stationary and I have good sun (which is all the time in the Caribbean). At the start, I was worried about the battery since it had been quite a few years since I bought it, and Li-Ion batteries are well known for deteriorating over time. The good news is that there's no sign of deterioration whatsoever. The battery still goes all night.

What's impressive is that it takes a charge very well from the Sunlinq solar panel. If I leave it in the sun most of the day, it seems to charge fully. If I plug it into the ship's power, the charger runs for at most an hour before it turns green, indicating a full charge indicator. The problem with the battery is that the charge indicator on the battery sucks, meaning that it lights up 5 bars no matter the state of the battery's discharge, so I have to rely on the charge indicator on the charger.

Battery Geek seems to have gone out of business, but you can bypass the middleman and buy direct from China from M&D. They only sell to whole-sellers, but if you say you want to buy a sample to test they'll accommodate you. Since I do have a retail license, I could also potentially place a bulk order and sell them, but since I have no idea what the size of the market is, if you think you would want one, leave me a note or send me e-mail.

In any case, the battery and Sunlinq solar panel are highly recommended, especially for sailing cruisers in the Caribbean.

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